So here I am blogging in Portugal. At least trying! I havenÂșt tested this out yet. Our hotel is insane, Arturo, the promoter, is putting us up with our OWN ROOMS at the Sheraton. I feel spoiled. Portugal is beautiful, is actually reminds me a bit of Portland, OR, ironically. Beautiful tree-lined promenades. Only hre there are beautiful tile collages everywhere.

We walked around yesterday and had many caiperinhas. Delicious. As we were walking home last night I tried to take a picture of cool sign for the Hippopotamus nightclub and the bouncer came up and threatened to take my film away for taking a picture of "him". What a jerk. Kevin and Otto said they would have taken out the guy if he tried to do that. Aww.

3 TIMES yesterday we were cat-called "hippies"!!!!!! 2 people flashe us the pece sign and beeped and then someone yelled out "HEE-PEES! HEE-PEES! Peace and love! Peace and love!"

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