Amsterdam - Part 2

Right now we have free WI-FI which is really exciting! The practice space is about a 10 or 15 minute bike ride from the hotel. There's a basketball court right next door, which is insanely awesome since Noah had said he wanted to play as much as possible and everybody seems to love it! I'm really bad and also a lot of those guys are 6-10 inches taller than me, but it's really fun. I'm so out of shape that after about 10 minutes I felt like I was having a heart attack. It's also been really hot the past couple of days - 28-30 degrees C. (?)
The band is sounding great...Jona didn't arrive until the 2nd day becauase he was coming from Brussels and there was a train strike! Also, Galen arrived this morning to shoot a video on Wednesday for Dev. It's his first time out of the country!
Well, time to eat dinner. We're going to a Surninamese place on a tip...

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