Amsterdam - Part 3

The video! We just completed Devendra's video about 10 minutes ago. Galen flew out from Providence to make it. We're in the Bimhaus, the venue where the band played last night and will play again tonight. It's unusual for Dev to be playing here because it's usually a jazz venue, and it's brand new and right on the water near Central Station. After a couple of days of confusion and rescheduling, the video finally happened. There were quite a few crew people and they even had a rolling camera on a huge track. Dev was only wearing these tiny shorts and sandals. Andy and Noah and Lucky had these caftan-like black robes on a Dev did a great job on their black eyeliner! And Jona had on a multicolor pyschedelic-looking shirt. Daylen and I took pictures and danced a little at the end.
The show was really good last night, the music came together after all those rehearsals. It wasn't very crowded, but there was a good number of people there. Daylen helped me out selling merch. One more show tonight, and then GOODBYE AMSTERDAM! I will definitely miss it.

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