Bonjour from Paris! Paris is weird. I'm not sure if i really like it or not. It feels very claustrophobic.
So we sadly said goodbye to Amsterdam. No more bikes and canals and coffeeshops. We had a long drive to Evereux, which is about 2 hours from Paris, for the festival called "Rock dans sous Les Etats" or something like that. It was a pretty big festival but not nearly as spread out as Primavera. The dressing room area was pretty funny, the bands' rooms were little wooden cabins all in a row. The lineup was pretty bizarre: CocoRosie was playing when we got there, which was nice. The Bravery played right after them, which was pretty funny. They are so lame! They used to be a ska band called Skabba the Hut! There were actually quite a few ska bands I've never heard of there, like Ska-P, and also Blonde Redhead (who Dev knows), Black Mountain (super nice people from Vancouver), and GARBAGE! The crown was mostly young, there were lots of kids accompanied by their parents. I was prepared to not sell a lot of merch, because that's what I'd been told about festivals, but merch sales were pretty terrible and I could barely see or hear Devendra's band. But I had a great time! After they payed, I waited about an hour, then Andy and Jonah came over to help me bring stuff back to the dressing rooms. Jonah really wanted to get a picture with Butch Vig of Garbage so we waited around until we thought it was the right time, then they all started to leave and Shirley Manson walked out of her dressing room. So we hustled over there and asked her for a picture. Not only did she let us take a picture, but she was SUPER nice and we ended up talking to her for a while! Andy came over, and then the other guys. Shirley was really sweet and friendly and asked us about touring and all our bands. Jonah told her I was in Vetiver and she was like, "I've heard of you guys!" I must have laughed or something because she was like, "No, I have! I just read about you somewhere!" So I gave her a Vetiver CD and 2 Dev CD's and Jona gave her his. She said she would come see us in Edinburgh if she was there when we played. SHIRLEY MANSON RULES!

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