Oh, I'm so pissed! I just spent about 20 minutes typing and lost it all because the time ran out of the computer. How annoying!
The show in Bristol was REAlly fun! It was the last show as part of this festival and was held in a church basement. It was sold out (over 400 people!) and totally packed and sweaty. People were being really loud and drunk, but in a good way. Some girl inthe front kept yelling out, "AMOUR FOU!!!!" and Andy was like, "It's coming!" There was this guy hanging out backstage the whole time and after awhile we figured out it was Mark Stewart from the Pop Group, who played two nights before. He was so funny and was totally cracking us up. One of his funniest quotes: "You know what they say in Ibiza, 'Every hole's a goal.'" The next day was the ONLY day off of the whole tour! Andy and Dev unfortunately had to do a radio show in Cardiff, Wales, but Kevin and Otto and I got to go shopping. They bought some records (of course), I bought some clothes (of course) and we just had a really nice day.
The next day was definitely the strangest show of tour. It was at this 150 year old music hall in Leeds. At first, we thought it was really cool: 2 balconies, a sloped and really high stage, and beautiful red velvet wallpaper everywhere. But the stage had really weird vibes. The monitors sounded terrible, the sound just died, and there was this huge separation between the audience and us. We couldn't tell if it was the venue or the people or what. After the show I asked ont of the soundguys, "Have you heard if this place is haunted at all?" and he was like, Actullly, yes, people have said that they've heard things." I told Devendra, and his eyes got all watery and he said that there was a woman talking to him as he was playing onstage! FREAKY!!!
We were pretty glad to leave Leeds, although the hotel was CUSHY.
The next day we played Gateshead, right across the river from Newcastle. The place we played was stunning: only 6 months old, it resembled the Guggenheim, and Kevn described the concert hall as right out of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The sound was incredible: the acoustics were superb and the room was so live. The people were super nice and we even got a gourmet meal from the restaurant there! It was a greta show. We all played really well, too.
Driving through the UK countryside has been really nice, everything is so lush and green and there are hedges and cows and sheep everywhere. Dev bought some vegetarian haggis at a rest stop in Scotland. It was kind of gross.
Last night's show was so funny, the venue was called "Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry" and was comepletely Western themed, with American flags everywhere and murals of the West! It was strangely comforting. There were TONS of people there, and the promoters were even expecting more! Guess who else was there: Vashti! I finally got to meet her after all these years! She was really sweet and shy. I took some pictures of her and Dev. The love each other so much. We played really well and it sort of felt like home with this junkie doing her little junkie dance up front. I asked one of the promoters about her and she said that she was a notrious local who heard Vetiver on the radio that day, spare changed all day for money for the show, and came down with all the change. The door people just let her in! How crazy is that? There were a few more people dancing, too! We even saw Lorna, who used to live in SF. Kevin and Otto left after the show with some cute Scottish girls. Andy and Dev and I ended up at a sketchy Chinese place across the street.
Well, back to England again! The drives haven't been that long, at least. We nap in the the car and read cheesy magazines at gas stations. I'm so sad the Vetiver tour will be over soon! We're playing really well and I love all these guys so much, we're like a travelling musical family. We're very lucky!

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