Hellö from Sweden! Umlauts galöre!
The last day of Roskilde was so much fun. Devendra didn't end up having to really do a collaboration with Joanna, but we did all sing Ämöur Föu together. We were able to see so many bands. Andy was stoked about Konono No. 1, they're from Congo. They had about 9 people, including a dancer, and 3 of the guys played these homemade kalimbas. They were really fun to dance to and it was amazing that they played Roskilde. I normally would never have a chance to see anything like that. We missed The Game to see them but Noah and Dev and Lucky said it was pretty crazy. We also saw bits of The Futureheads, the Go Team, and Bloc Party. We couldn't wealk around without tons of people coming up to us and wanting their picture taken with Devendra. Back at our stage we watched all of Rahzel's set, which was comepletely mindblowing! He's in The Roots and beatboxes, but he is extremely talented at it. He was able to make these incredible bass sounds with just his mouth and a microphone that were shaking the whole stage. He even gave a little history lesson on beatboxing and hip hop. Later backstage we talked to him for a bit and took some pictures with him. He was really sweet. And finally...BRIAN WILSON! It was kind of sad, actually, he was obviously very out of it and lip synching to some of the songs. It was fun to hear all those Beach Boys songs and watch Jo and Jamie dance around but we left after a while. Overall, Roskilde was a very strange experience! There's definitely nothing of that caliber in the States. And I'm glad to be in the normal world where there aren't boys peeing on fences everywhere you look. That was the grossest part.
On the way to Mälmo yesterday we stopped at an amazing anarchist "island" in the middle of Copenhagen called Christiania. I highly recommend checking it out in the internet somehow, there is simply too much to mention about it here so quickly! Tonight is the Accelerator Festival with great bands like Sonic Youth, Smog, Joanna, Wolf Eyes, etc. Should be a lot of fun, and I don't have to sell merch because the festival does it for you, so I get to enjoy all the shows. Maybe I'll play the maracas again!

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