Mons, Belgium

Back in the land of amazing beers. I have had limited email access lately, hence the lack of regular posts. I left off in Norway. Overall, Norway was beautiful, expensive, and kind of strange. The show was sort of bad - not the guys' playing, but it was the last show of the last day of the festival there and I think everyone (in the audience) was sort of burnt out on shows and way too drunk. I got harrassed on the street multiple times by drunk Norwegian dudes and I saw a guy get thrown out of the show. But Jona and I had an awesome time hanging out with 2 Norwegian girls after the show who were really nice.
We've had a lot of annoying travelling lately. After Norway, we had to drive back to Goteburg, Sweden, fly the next day to Geneva with a stop in Amsterdam, which we almost missed because of passport checks at the airport, and then get driven to the Montreax Jazz Fest. Montreax is breathtakingly beatiful, it sits on Lake Geneva and is surrounded by mountains. The Festival was so professional! The stage was so fancy and they filmed it with TV cameras and did on the spot editing and gave Dev DVD's after the performance. It looked like some kind of MTV production! I thought it was pretty special to have something like that filmed so well. Joanna and Bonnie Prince Billy and Cocorosie also played. After the show, Jona and Luckey and I went down to the lake and went for a dip at 2 in the morning. Just like Norway - cold but refreshing! The lake water was so clean!
The festival drove us in 2 cars to Zurich the next day, where we met back up with Kelly. He had to drive all the way there from Norway while we flew and played at Montreax. The venue there was amazing, it was a huge cafe and outdoor performance space on another beautiful, clean lake in Switzerland. They fed us the most amazing, gourmet organic meals and really took care of us. It was fun hanging out with Bianca and Sierra and Spleen again (Cocorosie), they played the Zurich show as well. There were a ton of people there and the band played for a long time. I sold lots of merch.
The hotel we stayed at in Zurich was really cool, it was in a really old section of town. There was no lobby, just a bar, so the bartender was also the hotel receptionist! The next day we had off and Andy and I had a lovely time walking around Zurich.
Yesterday was another festival in Belgium. We played with Fantomas and Laibach, and Electrelane came to Devendra's show and we got to hang out with those girls a bit, which the guys were very happy about, heh heh.
Oops, I have to go now, we have to drive to Milan and fly to SICILY tomorrow! I am SO EXCITED!

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