De-Vetiver Banhart Tour UK/France 2006

So it seems I have been requested to continue my tour blog. This one's going out to the parents! (Hi Mr. Cabic) We've already played a bunch of shows and are now in Lyon, FraNCE. After a couple of days of rehearsals in New York, thanks to Rich at Social Registry and Paul & Jen for their kind, generous hospitality, we took an overnight flight to London. Virgin Airlines is pretty sweet, but I still couldn't get any sleep on the plane. Perhaps I was too excited! Marcus at Fat Cat kindly picked us up from the airport in a mini-van that we proceeded to cram all our suitcases and gear in, just barely. We drove to the hotel, then drove to the venue, had a sound-check and a photo shoot for Uncut magazine. London show was pretty fun, although very rock-club vibe and an extremely chatty audience. Todd and Dema showed up and it was nice to see friends like James Hindle. I think our first show wasn't quite bad considering our crazy day!
Our next show was wonderful, but that's not surprising since we ALWAYS have a great time in Bristol at the Trinity Center, taken care of by Chiz and his great family. Another photo shoot for Mojo magazine by a former Photoworks customer of mine, Becky Miller. Had the pleasure of seeing/meeting Howe Gelb and the Canadian gospel singers. What a show. Howe traded a CD for one of my wallets! Onstage sound was great as usual for Bristol and the crowd was fantastic and a little older than our usual crowd. Chiz' wife Esther made some fabulous food for the bands. We stayed at their cute house that night, and were woken up in the morning by little Dot. Such a cutie! Then we went to a great market, I think the Bristol Sweetmart, to stock up on groceries for ATP, and got some snacks from the market we went to last time with the Carribean food and smoothies.
The drive to ATP was long and traffic-ridden on the M25 loop, so we missed some of the first ATP bands like Country Teasers. ATP was located at a really funny British vacation "resort" right near a beautiful beach with majestic sand dunes, where lots of band photos got shot that weekend, including ours, and some I took of Ben Chasny for SOMA magazine. It really felt like some kind of indie rock summer camp.
OK, gotta sound check! More later...

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