Devetiver 2

So I am on French computer with a funny keyboard and am not sure where I left off, ATP I believe? Im not sure I can fully express how amazing it was!!! Seeing Bert and Vashti live for the first time, hanging out with friends from around the country like Kyp Malone, COMETS, Will, zACH cOWIES amazing final night dance party, improv jam with Brooke and Helena, too too much fun!!! Vetiver got great feedback from just about everybody and we sold a ton of copies of the new record, at least more than usual for us.
France has been pretty cool. We got a night off to wander around the beautiful city of Strasbourg. The show there was pretty awesome, the chef at the venue was so rad, what ã funny guy, Michel. The sound onstage was probably some of the best we`ve ever had and I think we played pretty well. The venue was completely packed, maybe 600 people or so?
Next up: Lyon. Unfortunately the venue was sort of in the middle of nowhere so I just kinda hung out there all day, didn`t get to see much of the city. For dinner we had amazing lamb, some of the best I`ve ever had, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Again, the venue was packed that night. Both bands played pretty well.
Toulouse was GREAT!! We walked around the center city all afternoon, which was really cute. The venue, Le Ramier Discotheque, was kinda fancy and 60s and there was a ballroom dancing class there in the afternoon.The sound onstqge was pretty horrible but we plqyed a great show, one of our best, Dev joined us for Down at El Rio. The crowd was really into it, they even asked for an encore from US, so Andy went out and gave them Farther On. They totally ate up Devendra`s set, just couldn`t get enough, and kept making Hairy Fairy go back out. The last encore was SHAME, which Sanders and I ran out and played percussion on. I ca`nt not bounce around and play on that one, that`s a Family Jam for sure!!!
So now we are in Paris, we have a day off and I`m not quite sure what to do with myself. I`m so sad Andy has to do press all day, oh well. I think I might wander to Notre Dame, I don`t think it`s too far and I haven`t seen much of Paris aside from where we played last year, the Pirate Boat and Montmartre. Off I go!

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